Thursday, 10 November 2011

YourTube 1 - Daddy Stovepipe

Daddy Stovepipe plays.

This is the first in a bi-weekly post about our favourite Youtube pages and videos, the first Youtuber choosen is the stupidly tallented Blues mulit-instrumentalist DaddyStovepipe. I've been following him for some time (not in a sexual preditor sort of way) and really want to show you some of his stuff, I found him while searching for some ukulele blues lessons.

DaddyStovepipe writes about his musical life on his profile "I started playing fingerstyle music when I was 16 years old in 1971. I had discovered acoustic blues two years before that when I heard Big Bill Broonzy play St Louis Blues on the radio."

"I'm completely selftaught apart from a friend showing me a few chords and how to tune a guitar (thanks Jan). I learned mainly by listening to recordings. I mostly play country blues from "the 78rpm" era but I also like contemporary artists like John James or Leo Kottke. Sometimes, when I get bored playing the guitar, I like to dabble with Native American or Indian flutes, a mandolin, a ukulele or a Chinese guqin."

I hope that's wetted your appitite for some great playing, here's some of his best Youtube Clips.

Cover of 'From Four Until late' byRobert Johnson

Delta blues slide instrumental

For More DaddyStovepipe Click here

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