Friday, 4 November 2011

Remembering Fred ''Sonic'' Smith

Patti Smith at Hop Farm Festival
What was Fred Smith really like?

The last time i really balled my eyes out, I mean really cried was at The Hop Farm Festival this year. A coming together of some of my childhood heros (Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, Morrissey and Patti Smith), it was like the planets aligning to me. It was boiling hot, I was in the centre of the crowd when Patti walked out and I felt my knees go weak. Her cool calm american exterior was fascinating, I was drawn to her every word....but I wasn't blubbering yet. 

My Mosrite Ranger
It was when she dedicated "because the night'' to her late husband Fred Smith when I his breaking point, underneath my ray-bans I felt the emotion flooding through, I'm not 100% why It affected me this way..but it was almost to much.  I love Patti Smith, but I also love Fred aswell. Fred died when I was 7 years old....Way before I got into rock and roll but I own my mosrite ranger guitar because of his playing in the MC5, I needed to have his sound and that amount of feeling come out of my guitar.

However I wasn't drawn to wearing a superhero costume like smith, I douby skin tight lycra would suit a man like myself. The guy has been shown as being a loner and cold, I never met the guy so I wouldn't know. But his music speaks for itself and he is still missed, I'm gonna be playing the MC5 all day today.

I'll let Brother Wayne Kramer tell you guys more about Sonic Smith...

Fred ''Sonic'' Smith (September 13, 1949 - November 4, 1994)
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