Monday, 30 April 2012

GDTKC PODCAST 10 - Electric Mud

Yes it's time for your weekly dose of rock and roll, we talk Del Shannon, Jack White, Beach boys. Last weeks music news and More. Check out the GDTKC PODCAST! Were also playing you THREE of the best cuts from the Muddy Water's album Electric Mud and giving you the history behind it.

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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Beach Boys release new single/album

Hello chaps, Not only have The Beach Boys re-united but they're releasing the first brand new single in 30 years.  

I'm not keen on the title 'That's why God made the radio', Man made the radio maaaaan. However, it's the best sounding achievement post 1970's that they've done. I'm a sucker for those sweet harmonies and it's got a wall of sound vibe, sadly it doesn't seem to be as guitar heavy as i'd have liked.

Monday, 23 April 2012

GDTKC 9 - Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes pt2

Yes it's that time again... GDTKC has changed. But one thing remains the same...I'm playing some of the best Rock and Roll Music. We've moved on to playing only VINYL this week, including the great Brown Brogues and Two Wounded Birds!

I'm also going over the latest music news and lots of hilarity.  Go on, have a listen!

And prepare yourself for a second show coming this week! 

George x

P.s Click 'read more' to find out what music is played and where you can buy it 


Hello one and all! GDTKC is back after a well earned break! It's been over a month but We've been busy...

From now on the 'listen again' feature will include all the music we play on the show and I'll give you the option to download just the talk... Sadly Andy Davies has moved on and it's just going to be me from now on. GDTKC is now a one man band, but were playing some good music! From Tomorrow were going to resume our daily blogging and weekly music show, I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I love creating it!

I've also started my own 'movie' business in our little breather, here's a still from my first music video....

Check back tomorrow for some more great content!

Lots of love

George x