Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Beach Boys release new single/album

Hello chaps, Not only have The Beach Boys re-united but they're releasing the first brand new single in 30 years.  

I'm not keen on the title 'That's why God made the radio', Man made the radio maaaaan. However, it's the best sounding achievement post 1970's that they've done. I'm a sucker for those sweet harmonies and it's got a wall of sound vibe, sadly it doesn't seem to be as guitar heavy as i'd have liked.

But the question is, will it be a hit? It's got to get Radio play, it's an ode to the radio isn't it? BBC 2 and 6 music will defiantly play it. But with a lack of tour dates in the UK and the fact that most pop stations will probably find it old fashioned and auto-tune/dubstep/electro pop -less I doubt it'll be saturated enough to get the publics attention. Maybe they should go on x-factor or the voice...ugh.

No matter what, it gives me a warm feeling to know The Beach Boys are back, even though I think the title makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. 

Have a listen to the track below on the 'Beach Boys Sizzle Reel

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