Monday, 7 November 2011

GDTKC Podcast 2: Wilko Johnson Talks

Give Daddy The Knife Cindy
Wilko Johnson co-hosts!

It's time for the second podcast of the series and this week we have a special treat for you, in addition to our ususal music chat we have a LP length interview with ex-Feelgoods man Wilko Johnson that was conducted at the Buxton Opera House. I talk to him about Japan, Heinz, Blues, Eric Clapton, Game of Thrones,Canvey Island, music, amps, guitars, rock and roll, Ian Dury, Dr Feelgood, Oil City Confidential and everything in-between. It was fantastic to talk to the man at this great length as I was only sent to do a short interview, you should also check out my review of the gig here
Wilko showing us some techniques

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Wilko Johnson Gig Review Here
Listen to GDTKC Podcast 1

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