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Talking to Davy Jones and the anniversary of The Monkees giving the public 'Head'

The Monkees Reissue of Head
Looking back and Talking to Singer Davy Jones

43 years ago today the Monkees released their ‘cinematic suicide letter,’ the very unusual ‘’Head.’’ It was defiantly not suitable for the teen audience the Monkees has previously sought, with cameos from Jack Nicholson, Dennis Hopper and Frank Zappa (with cow in tow) and at one point Peter Tork punching a woman, only to find out it was a man in drag.

The script for the film originated from the foursome attending a ‘writing’ session with Jack Nicholson and Rob Rafelson in a motel. They all talked into a tape recorder and even though this ended up as the script, the Monkees were denied screenwriting credit. The film tanked at the box office, panned by critiques and fans alike. However it has gained a cult status and has recently been reissued on DVD; you can also get deluxe version of the soundtrack from Rhino Records.

Upon watching this film it seems strange that it was only two years earlier The Monkees were celebrating their first No.1 on the Billboard singles charts with ‘Last Train To Clarksville,’ however it turns out that none of The monkees feature on this recording. But the point still sticks that something has attracted us to this bunch for us to still be talking about that years later.

Funnily enough I've also just found out that as part of the "Manchester Gets It First" scheme were going to get the premier of The Monkees musical in march, non of the original members will be playing and I wouldn't expect them to as they cut their tour short and blamed it on "internal matters". But I'm definatly going to try and get tickets.
Earlier this year I talked on the phone, after spending 4 attempts to connect on Skype, to Davy Jones about the film ‘Head’ and his time in The Monkees, including their early days and reunion tour. He is a very funny, warm and entertaining guy. You can listen to the interview below and if you want more info on The Monkees click here.

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