Sunday, 13 November 2011

Jimmy Reed Anthology Review

Jimmy Reed Anthology Boxset
I don't think Vee-Jay records is going to have to do a hard sell to flog the Jimmy Reed Anthology, I mean you get 54 tracks for £4.99. It's worth the price alone to have 'Big boss man,' 'Bright lights, Big city'  and 'Baby what do you want me to do' in your collection.
 Jimmy Reed is laid back and relaxed, it's a shuffling music that you can drink to. Reed himself was a rampant alcoholic, which did prevent him from having the stardom of Muddy Waters and Howlin Wolf even though he actually out sold them both and should have the following they still have, even though all three have been long dead.  If you like The Rolling Stones, Yarbirds, Elvis and BIll Cosby (yes that old comedian that wears a cardigan), they all covered his songs. Go on It's only 4 quid and you won't regret it.

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