Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Joe Strummer Films Are Just Like Busses...

Director Julie Deply
Theres been alot of Clash news recently, with Mick Jones touring the Uk for Hillsborough and Paul Simonon fighting for Greenpeace. Now there is more! 

Yes it's been announced that two films are being made about The Clash’s deceased front man, the first being written by Paul Viragh, the writer of the recent Ian Dury Biopic 'Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll'. The second film being more unusual with the ‘2 days in Paris’ and 'Three colours: white' actress, Julie Deply taking control as the films director.

Deply’s film focuses on his planned disappearance in 1982 and it’s title, The Right Profile, comes from a track off London Calling. As every schoolboy knows ‘The Right Profile’ was about Montgomery Clift’s drop from public view.

Also in more Deply news, she’s filming a sequel to the great ‘2 days in Paris’ imaginatively called ‘2 days in New York.’ I’ll be buying a ticket to go see it. I also hope that both films see the light of day, as I'm still waiting to watch the second Chess Record's film that is yet to be released (The one that isn't Cadillac Records).

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