Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Pin-Up Bowling Rock 50s Style All-Dayer Review

Loverly Black Cadillac at Pin-Up Bowling
Rock and Roll and Classic Car All-Dayer is a Hit! 
George also talks to band Rocket 88 Trio!

Hello one and all, as the fantastic Comedy show 'Slaughter House Live' was canceled on Sunday I decided to venture down to the Pin-Up bowling alley to play a game, see some cool cars and listen to some music. It didn't disappoint, We here at GDTKC were transported back in time into a sea of quiffs,smog of Lucky Strike and that Thick acoustic bass thumpin' sound. 

The Booze was a bit pricey, but the atmosphere made up for it and I didn't want another recurrence of the dreaded GOUT again. From the moment the retro Fords, Chevys and Vauxhalls came in view I knew I was in for a treat. The music was loud (sadly there was also a loud outside screen playing dance music that drowned out the rock and roll if you went for a fag) and the band Rocket 88 Trio were jumpin'. I was shocked to hear that they were a new band as they sounded really tight and the audience loved it. 

Red Pick-Up Truck
 There has been a facebook page set up to keep this pop up bowling alley in Manchester and I've joined it. Fathers were there with mini rocker sons, elderly Teds rubbed shoulders with Mods and Skinheads, everyone was brought together for the love of the music, cars and bowling. The night was set up by The Three Graces car club main man, Dave Jones. 

Sadly I didn't have my ID on me and couldn't buy a beer after 6pm, but I did find out tips on how to clear oil out off windscreen and the address of a cheap tailor. It was great to see such a great response from non-rockabilly guys and girls, some even going up and jiving. All in all it was a great day and I may go back next Sunday for their charity gig with the same rock and roll djs Poorboy Paul, Sideburn Steve and Fido.

Here's an audio interview I had with The Rocket 88 Trio live at 'Rock 50's Style'...

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