Monday, 21 November 2011

The Moons, Elgazelle and The Minx at The Ruby Lounge - Review

The Moon's James Bagshaw
The Moons, Elgazelle and The Minx Reviewed!
I enter The Ruby Lounge late, spending too long talking to my companion Tom in The Castle Hotel, just down the road. The first band has already started playing and their music sounds strangely familiar, I rush down and plonk my camera equipment on the bar, order two cans of red stripe and a John Smiths for Tom.

I ask the barmaid, "what's the bands name?" and she just shrugs; I carry on drinking. The front man sounds exactly like Gerry Roslie, singer from The Sonics, and the guitar is drenched in reverb. I think their worth the ticket price alone. I can't get over how tight their over all sound is, if you close your eyes it's like listening to a record. They do a cover of Liar Liar, original by The Castaways, and I realise these guys might be my new favourite band.

Elgazelle onstage
I go to the side of the stage and takes some photos till the end of their set, the guitarist tells me the band's name is Elgazelle, I am determined to have them on the show soon. I go back to the bar while the second band set up. I can see Tom is a bit fed up of holding my tripod and bag; within 5 minuets the second band set up and announce themselves as The Minx.

The Minx are a dynamo of energy, the singer is the natural successor to Howard Devoto. The songs have that same pumping organ sound that gave some of the early Elvis Costello records balls. To top it off the front man dedicates 'No Friends' to the BBC for axing Shooting Stars, this is the kind of band Manchester needs.

The Moons
I go for a piss and overhear two guys arguing over which of the last two bands were better, I can't make up my mind. I'm thinking that there should be a lot more people in the venue than there is. However, when I get out of the toilets there is a much bigger crowd now and they suddenly surge forward when the crowd hear the amps being switched on and out come The Moons.

They are an interesting; Two girls next to me stare lustfully at the band as they belt out ‘English Summer,’ their sounds is a reminiscent of the Zombies and The Kinks. There is defiantly a strong stage presence and the crowd is going for it. Andy, their leader, announces the next song as ‘Double Vision Love.’

Tom from The Moons
Flashes of liam Gallagher appear as he tells the audience he’s going for a fag as guitarist James is singing this one. ‘Double Vision Love’ is a perfect single, which they will be releasing soon.  The spirit is Joe Meek is in the room.

They defiantly wear their influences on their sleeves as they have a bass breakdown reminiscent of The Doors ‘Live in Copenhagen’ and I can defiantly hear the riff of ‘I’m not your stepping stone’ in there somewhere. But that’s it they announce it’s their last song and I see it’s time to rush off for my last train. I leave before the encore. It might just well be the best gig I’ve seen in Manchester this year.

For More information on The Minx here, El Gazelle here and The Moons Here

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