Thursday, 3 November 2011

The Sonics -8 EP Review

The Sonics new CD and EP out Now!
After 44 years in the making, is it any good?

There are very few things that i really....really look forward to. There are things that you dream of, like the Arrested development movie, Evil Dead 4 and a new Sonics record. We'll one of those has come true! In the post today a present came from  Tacoma. It's the new Cd and Record of The 60's Garage Gods.

Their last record was Introducing The Sonics in 1967, thats a 44 year break in recording and their back with a bang. '8' EP is a more modern sounding record, heavier and with more agression. The vocal duties are split between the screaming Jerry Roslie and the new bassist Freddie Dennis,their guitarist Larry Parypa produces the EP. Here's a breakdown of the new tracks.(click title to listen to the track in new window)

Back in the day The Sonics sang about getting new cars, women and drinking strychnine. They talked about themselves, it seems like in this song their talking to the next generation. "Take my advice and your gonna have it made you gotta get yourself a pair of cheap shades" is the advice from these rockers on how to get women, be a band and be cool. It's got a great (almost metal) sounding guitar, they haven't decided to clean up the sound or add unnecessary parts to it and it's under 3 minuets. A great opening track.

In the same vein as 'The Witch' we've got a song about a women with a 'Bad Attitude,' great riff by Larry Parypa at the start of the song. "She got pills for this, pills for that, pills for skinny, pills for fat" to be fair this song wouldn't be out of place on an AC/DC record. Freddie Dennis has a great raw vocal, a deeper darker sounding voice than Jerry.

The Sonics are pissed off and have put out a great political track. Just when we thought there isn’t wasn’t new protest songs; the Sonics have gone and written one. This track is a bout not backing down to the banks. At one point telling us to 'grab these weasels' (bankers) and 'slam their ass in jail.'

The Sonics go dark again, this is a throbbing Halloween song about a woman. Being invited to a vampire's lair. Vampire kiss is a great rock and roll track written by the new bassist Freddie Dennis and Larry Parypa.

The Back of The Sonics 10' EP
And that's it for the new songs on this Ep, however The second Side (or tracks 5-10 on the CD) are dedicated to new live recordings of some of the classic sonics tracks, you get Strychnine, Psycho, Cinderella and Don't be afraid of the dark with an additional two tracks (Boss Hoss and The Hustler) on the cd. They sound fresh as they did in 1964 and still proving they are still one of the most badass bands on the planet! You should definitely check out the record for Cheap Shades alone. You can get their record from and they are currently touring so check their facebooksite for more info.

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