Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Glastonbury named best festival...But where's Hop Farm?

Hop Farm Festival

Looking at the list of winners at the UK Festival Awards there is one festival that seems to be ignored.

I spent hours sweating over the phone and Internet to get tickets to Glastonbury and failed miserably. So I wondered where to go for my festival fix. After some online searching I found The Hop Farm Festival.

Now, I believe Glastonburydeserves to win best festival, it's sheer size and scope will always leave it the biggest festival. There is no other festival that has as many bands, entertainment and craziness. The Pilton based festival has given me the chance to see The Who, Os Mutantes, Spinal Tap, John Cale and Jimmy Clif.

I've always loved Glastonbury. I even enjoyed the time when the mud was so bad that all the pairs of my trousers were destroyed and I had to wear a girls leggings for the rest of the weekend. No one batted an eyelid.

But year The Hop Farm Festival was fantastic, we parked right next to the entrance and there was lots of toilet access. The beer was pretty expensive and you couldn't take your own into the festival arena but the security guards were incredibly nice (Unlike previous experiences at Leeds Festival).

On the way to Hop Farm
Looking at this list it says Sonisphere wins the best line up, can that really be true? It’s got Slipknot and Biffy Clyro as headliners!!! Hop Farm had Prince, Morrissey and The Eagles. 

That’s only the beginning there was also Patti Smith, Lou Reed, Magazine, Iggy Pop and Brian Ferry on the bill. I mention my emotional experience with Patti Smith here

I know it's only one mans opinion but I think the Hop Farm line up was better than Glastonbury this year and I think it's a shame that this festival seems to be ignored. Paulio Nuttini won Headline Performance of the year for his turn at Lattitude! Who is voting for this?

I don't know what the line up is next year, but as there is no Glastonbury I guess I'll be going to Hop Farm Again.

P.s big up to Derbyshire's Y-Not Festival, the festival took the prize for best "grass roots" festival and best toilets. I am a Glossop(which is in Derbyshire) lad after all. 

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