Saturday, 10 December 2011

RIP Hubert Sumlin

One of the last blues legends passes away 
Hubert Sumlin dies at 80 years old

Six days ago a 80 year old blues musician died, their wasn't the huge outcry of grief that other celebrities have got but it hit me pretty hard. If you've ever listened to 'Killing Floor Blues', 'Evil' or 'Smokestack lightning' you'll know the kind of talent Hubert was.

But that's part of my problem, I have only heard Hubert Sumlin play on records, I never got to see the man live or had the chance to talk to him or find out what he's like. I do however search Youtube to find any interviews or live performances of the man. I once heard a story that he bought a brand new Gibson Les Paul Goldtop in 1955 and six months later the finish had worn away to bare wood, he was a prolific player with Howlin Wolf's band up until the big man's death in 1976.

But, rather than that be the end of the story Hubert ended up putting out a whole host of solo albums, up untill 2004, he carried on playing live and more importantly put out some videos teaching us his tricks. He comes across relaxed and friendly in interviews; he made the guitar scream with his unpredictable riffs.

In a real show of class Mick Jagger and Keith Richard's have offered to pay for Sumlins funeral and burial costs, If you want to fly over to pay your respect there is a viewing of the body tomorrow and a service on Monday. You can get the details here

And if you are a guitarist why don't you watch this and learn how it's done.
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