Saturday, 17 December 2011


Hello one and all again and I have more bad news, it seems like that's all I've been giving recently. We'll we found out that Etta James is terminally Ill with Leukaemia last January, but now it's been announced that is incurable.  Etta is named 22 on the Rolling Stone top Singer poll, but Maaan she can blow any singer off the stage; She was the archetype for the strong female soul singer.

It makes me feel so bad, to all you girls who did those flicks in the corner of your eyes like ''Amy Winehouse''...well she got that from Etta James. She bridges the gap between Jazz, Soul and Rock and Roll, she was cool, sexy and you could tell she could knock you out.

When asked how she came to her style she is quoted as saying "I started reaching deeper I realized that most of the blues of that day was done by men. Women just didn't have the nerve." Watch her in her prime below.


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