Thursday, 1 December 2011

Brown Brogues Single Review

I recived Brown Brogues "wildman" in the post the other day, 
I should have reviewed it straight away. 
But from now on I won't delay 
when other records come my way,
I will proceed to review this vinyl. 
All the pre-order's sold out well before arrival. 

 Don't you hate it when you get stuck in a rhyme! I'm sure there is some psychological explenation for it! Anyway, It's time to give you the skinny on the new Manchester(ish) Two Some Brown Brogues 7" single "Wildman."

It's out on Swedish label Kenrock and very little of these are going to see the Uk shores, now they are effectively sold out in the Uk you're going to have to pick them up at a Brown Brogues show. But I know what your thinking "He hasn't mentioned any bloody music yet!."

Ok, The best way I can describe 'Wildman' is pure garage rock, it's got the balls that The Horrors seem to have lost. I can't understand a single word the singer, Mark, says but I don't think it matters. They create a wall of sound that you can loose yourself in, I can constantly refer to bands like The Fall,Thee Headcoates,The Sonic and other Garage rock band but all you need to know is that it's fantastic.

If you played a Flat Duo Jets (Replace with White Stripes?) record inside an echo chamber you'd get Brown Brogues. It makes you feel mean.

On their B-side you receive 'Grind-a-go-go'; which is The Cramps, that's it. Well, It's actually better than a lot of cramps songs and we also get an alternate version of 'Wildman' which just seems to me that it's just a slowed down titled the 'Kd Ket Version.'

You seriously need to find a copy, or I'll sell you mind...For an inflated price. You can listen to the tracks below.

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