Thursday, 5 January 2012

YourTube 4 - Messiahsez

This episode of YourTube is about a guy that's taught me alot about slide guitar on this youtube page, he's like a mountain man, half crazy and up for a jam. He tells you to feel the music and make love to your guitar. He's got a big big beared and a great collection of hats. Most of his stuff is instrumental slide, but its all slightly off the wall and filled with soul.

He posts on his subscription page ' I am just a regular guy, or a complete lunatic. My intention is to bring happiness to the entire universe.' Which I think he may just succeed at. Here's him playing I'm a man....

He also likes to be called the Acid Rabbi and teach you about the universe, first their was Acid Rabbi...

Check back next two weeks for more YourTube, and if you like what you hear remember you can listen to him here or here

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