Friday, 6 January 2012

Grinderman Resurrected

Just as your getting used to the fact that Nick Cave's broken up GRINDERMAN, he's just blooming announced a remix album!

This is an interesting concept with the songs from their GRINDERMAN 2 record being remixed by UNKLE, Nick Zinner from Yeah Yeah Yeahs and good old Barry Adamson....You know Barry, right? I'm looking forward to the double vinyl album version (with cd included) as I have yet to get GRINDERMAN 2 on record! I did order it online but the store had run out and decided not to tell me for 2 weeks!

But here's the bad news, your going to have to wait till 12th march till this baby is released. But you could always put this (non)exclusive track of Nick Zinner's take on Bellringer Blues till then. 

Oh yeah and the tracklisting is as follows, for all you nerds. 
Grinderman / Fripp –                               “Super Heathen Child”
A Place to Bury Strangers –                     “Worm Tamer”
Nick Zinner –                                           “Bellringer Blues” (exclusive)
UNKLE –                                                 “Hyper Worm Tamer”
Joshua Homme –                                      “Mickey Bloody Mouse”
Cat’s Eyes with Luke Tristram –              “When My Baby Comes”
Barry Adamson –                                      “Palaces Of Montezuma”
Silver Alert (featuring Matt Berninger) –  “Evil”
SixToes –                                                   “When My Baby Comes” (exclusive)
Andy Weatherall –                                    “Heathen Child”
Factory Floor –                                         “Evil”
Grinderman –                                            “First Evil”

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